High School Volunteer Program

Ketchikan High School Medical Terminology Course

Welcome to Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, where we are not only passionate about providing exceptional veterinary care but also committed to nurturing the next generation of aspiring veterinarians.

We are thrilled to announce our high school volunteer program, open to enthusiastic students over the age of 16. At Island to Island, we believe in offering opportunities to those eager to explore the world of veterinary medicine. Our program boasts a remarkable track record of success, empowering countless students to embark on fulfilling careers in veterinary medicine. Come be a part of our community and discover the wonders of veterinary care firsthand at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic.

If you are interested in joining our program, please give us a call at our main office line: (907) 313-7911

Job shadowing for a total of 2 hours a week
Short term program
Must be over the age of 16
Open to anyone interested in the vet field
Call to Join