Meet Our Team

Dr. Marna Hall

Dr. Marna Hall is a veterinarian associate at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, providing quality, compassionate care to animals. She values the bond with her colleagues, considering them family, and enjoys focusing on preventative medicine and client education. Outside of work, she shares her home with a household of four dogs and nine cats, indulging in quilting, walking, and gardening on her days off. A passionate Seahawks fan, she shares her affection with her beloved pets.

Dr. Jolene Pflaum

Dr. Jolene Pflaum co-owns Island to Island Veterinary Clinic. She’s not just a veterinarian; she’s a creature repair expert. Dr. Jolene performs surgeries, see patients in appointments, and helps when your pet is needing to come in after hours. She loves the quality of medicine that we perform here at Island to Island. Dr. Jolene shares her home with her two pups Ades (a female lab), Kerberos (a male dachshund), and her fiancé Felix. On her days off, Dr. Jolene enjoys swimming, running, biking, baking bread, remodeling her home, and snuggling up with her pups. A fun fact about Dr. Jolene is that she loves playing music. While in undergraduate she received a degree in trombone performance and she plays as often as she can in the community.

Coral Martines

Veterinary Technician

At Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, Coral works as a Veterinary Technician where some of her daily tasks include taking care of incoming patients, making patients comfortable, and assisting in labs. She truly enjoys working with her peers and patients. She adores petting all of the animals and giving them love, knowing we’re helping give the best care possible. She lives with her boyfriend and his nearly 14 year old dog, Bailey, who is a cancer survivor. Coral also has a tuxedo cat, Chad, and her orange boy, Ronald Weasley. In her free time, she enjoys playing Sims, watching movies, practicing doing nails, and spending time with her mom. A little fun fact about Coral is that she worked in film and has been writing a script for a horror/thriller movie. She also has been working on a book for a few years! Chad is her emotional support animal and has moved with her about 8-9 times now.

Charish De Mello

Veterinary Technician

Charish is a veterinary technician at Island to Island, fulfilling her passion for caring for animals. Her role includes lab work, x-rays, pharmacy tasks, and assisting the doctor. She loves interacting with pet owners and their companions. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, music, and spending time with loved ones. At home, she’s accompanied by a sheepdog, two cats, and a cockatiel.

Maddie Pope

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Madison serves as the Lead Nurse at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, overseeing various medical procedures with expertise and compassion. She finds fulfillment in working alongside a team of dedicated women passionate about veterinary medicine. At home, Madison shares her space with her husband and three cats, enjoying coaching the High School Dance Team or simply relaxing with her feline companions.

Rachael Nebl

Veterinary Nurse Assistant/Technician

Rachael was born and raised in Ketchikan and the surrounding area. She has spent most of her adult life working in child care and teaching preschool. Rachael has always loved animals and is excited for all of the opportunities that come with working at the clinic as a veterinary nurse. She loves to see the relationships that clients share with their animals and enjoys learning something new each day. She thrives on the challenges of anesthesia, appointments, and patient care. Rachael lives with her husband Larsen and their dog Beau. In her free time Rachael loves to take Beau hiking, spend time with family, and work on perfecting her green thumb.

Torrance Johnson

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Torrance is one of our wonderful Veterinary Technicians and some of her job duties include X-Rays, assisting with surgery, lab work, vaccines, dentals, and being in the rooms with the Doctors! Torrance really enjoys forming the client and patient bonds as well as working with the great team members. Outside of work, Torrance shares her home with her cat Flynn, roommate/coworker Alyssa, and her cat Moo! On her days off, Torrance enjoys hiking, fishing, ATV riding, education advancement, weight lifting and racing!

Jessica Mateer-Olson

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Jessica is a kennel assistant who makes sure the boarders are well taken care of, both physically and emotionally. She assists in surgeries, appointments, and dental procedures with precision and care. She enjoys meeting all the animals and getting to know their personality. She also likes learning new things.

Jessica’s family jokes that her house is a carnivorous zoo because she has three cats and two dogs (a German Shepherd/Husky mix named Zev and a German Shepherd named Neika). Fun fact: Neika may have flunked service dog training, but she’s still a cherished member of the family. Outside of work, Jessica likes community events (such as the Blueberry Arts Festival) but she spends most of her free time at the beach with her dog, often photographing the sunset or sunrise.

Ashley Coffey

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Ashley is one of our wonderful Customer Service Representatives! One of Ashley’s favorite thing about working here is that we have such an amazing team who has a passion for animals and the community. Ashley’s home life consists of her and her daughter! During the winter it’s nice to stay inside and keep cozy. She also enjoys reading books, catching up on new TV series, and some other small hobbies. During the summer, she and her daughter like to go out to the beach and hike around. Ashley and her daughter will often walk around town and eventually make their way to get ice cream and spend time by the water. Ashley has worked in the veterinary field for nearly four years now and has an extreme love for this line of work!

Rylee Geil

Veterinary Assistant

Rylee’s role as a veterinary nurse at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from dental cleaning to surgical assistance. Her favorite part of the job? Building strong relationships with both the community and their furry friends. At home, Rylee finds joy in staying active with her dog, Cora, and her vintage truck, Hank. Her love for animals and adventure makes her a valued member of the clinic team.

Katori Young

Customer Service Representative

Katori Young serves as both an administrative assistant and customer service representative at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic. She appreciates the support she receives from her coworkers, making challenging days easier to navigate. Outside of work, she shares an apartment with her partner, roommates, and their pets, finding joy in cooking and immersing herself in a good book.

Chelsea Kelly

Bookkeeping Clerk

Chelsea is the bookkeeping clerk at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, ensuring financial matters are managed efficiently. She treasures the camaraderie among her coworkers and enjoys leisure activities like foraging for food and baking. Chelsea’s home life is filled with the company of her family and pets, including her orange cat Dean Winchester.

Brittney Marr

Inventory Manager

Brittney is our incredible inventory manager and one of her main duties includes, ordering and receiving supplies needed for the clinic! Brittney believes the animals are the best part of everyday life. She also looks forward to seeing our clinic cat Patrick, he brightens everyone’s day.  Brittney really enjoys working with such an amazing team as well! Outside of work, Brittney lives with her husband and fur babies: Aries, Ruby and Arby. On her days off, she mostly enjoys hanging out at home, watching her favorite shows or movies. She also loves spontaneous adventures, seeing friends or going on long drives. She is a BIG collector of coins, stamps, and anything considered vintage!

Emily Estrada-Gager

Administration/Support Staff

Emily’s role as support staff at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic goes beyond administrative tasks; it’s about ensuring every patient receives compassionate care. Her love for her job is matched only by her love for her family, including her three canine companions: Millie, Auggie, and Rory, two of which she brought home while her husband was away on business trips. Emily’s passion for helping animals extends to her leisure time, where she enjoys fishing and hiking in the stunning landscapes of Alaska.

Cathy Wolk-Nelson


“Mathy” Cathy’s role as the bookkeeper at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic blends her love for numbers with her love for animals. She finds fulfillment in the camaraderie of her colleagues and the joy of working with pets every day. At home, Cathy’s life is enriched by her family (including her Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Badger and Olive, and kitties Mordecai and Pita) and her passion for reading. Her dedication to her job and her love for animals make her an integral part of the clinic’s success.

Aliyah Pipal


Aliyah Pipal is the owner of Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, where she manages day-to-day operations and partnered up with Dr. Jolene to purchase the clinic in late 2023. She values the camaraderie among her team, striving to provide quality compassionate care to patients and clients. Outside of work, she shares her home with her partner, John Byron, and their fur babies Lola, Danah, Spruce, and Phoebe. On her off days, Aliyah enjoys hiking, quilting, and indulging in books or TV shows, admitting a talent for unintentionally nurturing plants.

Katori Young

Customer Service Representative

Katori Young serves as both an administrative assistant and customer service representative at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic. She appreciates the support she receives from her coworkers, making challenging days easier to navigate. Outside of work, she shares an apartment with her partner, roommates, and their pets, finding joy in cooking and immersing herself in a good book.

Aisha Lakouad

Administrative Assistant

Aisha serves as an Administrative Assistant at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, overseeing various administrative tasks with precision and care. They appreciate the compassionate atmosphere cultivated by their colleagues and enjoy creative pursuits like drawing and gaming during their downtime. Aisha’s cat Squidward adds laughter and warmth to their household.


Customer Service Representative

Bio coming soon!

Alyssa Mendoza

Customer Service Representative

Alyssa Mendoza is a Customer Service Representative at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, handling various administrative tasks with finesse. Inspired by her team of resilient women, Alyssa finds joy in her work environment. At home, she resides with her brother Omar and her charming cat, Moo. Outside of work, Alyssa finds solace in dancing and hiking, enjoying the serene beauty of the mountains.

Jeri Heisler

Customer Service Representative

Jeri’s role as a trainee in reception at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic is more than just a job; it’s a chance to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners. Her love for animals is evident in her work, where she assists with patient check-ins, emails, and appointments. Outside of work, Jeri enjoys self-care rituals, outdoor adventures, and quality time with her family. Her unique affection for rabbits and skunks adds a touch of whimsy to her life.

Ryleigh Dever

Lead Kennel Attendant

Ryleigh serves as the lead kennel attendant at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, overseeing the well-being of boarded pets and maintaining a clean environment. She treasures the connections she makes within her community and enjoys spending quality time with her family and pets. Ryleigh’s indoor hobbies include writing, drawing, and caring for her pets.

Jordyn Smith

Kennel Attendant

Jordyn works as a kennel attendant at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, providing care and companionship to pets in need. She relishes the diverse experiences her job offers and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and exploring local shops. At home, Jordyn shares her space with her two cats, Jack and July, who accompany her on adventures.

Allica Smith

Kennel Attendant

Allica works as a Kennel Attendant at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, caring for animals with dedication and enthusiasm. She enjoys meeting new pets and learning about animal care alongside her supportive colleagues. At home, Allica resides with her grandfather, cherishing the companionship of her cat Sapphire. On her days off, she indulges in leisurely activities like walks, journaling, and movie marathons.

Stephanie Randall, AVA

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Stephanie wears multiple hats at Island to Island Veterinary Clinic, serving as a Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist. She thrives on client education and continues to expand her knowledge and skills in veterinary care. Stephanie’s home life revolves around her family and pets, engaging in artistic pursuits and dog competitions with her dog Strider.

Mary Hailey

Customer Service Representative

Mary, along with her husband, Mike and Labrador Loomis have been residents of Craig, AK since 1998. After traveling to Prince of Wales in the early 90’s to go fishing, they fell in love with the Island and made plans to live here.

Mary retired from a 31 year career as a flight attendant in 2015, and is now working part time at our Craig location as a Veterinary Assistant. Mary joined us in May 2015, although not a ‘new’ face, she was a regular at the vet clinic!

She enjoys fishing, weaving baskets and traveling for leisure in her spare time.

Dr. Patrick Biscuit

Resident Clinician Kitty

Dr. Patrick Biscuit, aka Dr. B or Peebs, is our most highly paid (in cookies) and important doctor, as well as being in charge of office morale. He attended medical school at CBIT (Cute Boi Institute of Technology) and has an advanced degree in Biscuit Massage Therapy. He enjoys eating other pets’ food, laying in sunbeams with a breeze coming in from an open window, and catnip bananas. You can find him keeping the receptionists company at the front desk, greeting clients and their pets as they enter the clinic.

Coming Soon.